Friday, September 6, 2013

Diospi Suyana

The Lord is leading me mightily into the next stage of my life. I write with excitement and anticipation at where the Lord is leading me. I am inviting you to consider partnering with me on this Spirit-led Journey. I’m moving to Peru in January for two years to serve at the hospital Diospi Suyana. The name "Diospi Suyana" means "We trust in God" in Quechua (the heart language of the people). The mission of Hospital Diospi Suyana is to reach out to the highland Indians of Peru. Hospital Diospi Suyana is dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ among the Quechua Indians with a holistic view of man’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs. By tackling human suffering the desire is to set a convincing example of God’s love for the needy. I'm going in part through Samaritan Purse's post residency program. The views and statements on this page are original to me, and not necessarily a reflection of the views or beliefs of Samaritan's Purse, the hospital Diospi Suyana, or any church I attend or am supported by.