Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Why’s a Baby Shower called a Baby “Shower?”

This was the question that one of the German missionaries here asked me.  Evidently baby showers are American in origin.  Baby Showers don’t exist in Germany.  But due to the new American presence here in Curahuasi, the second ever Baby shower was thrown Monday.  It was for Tabea and Annett.  Tabea is the wife of Stefan (the hospital administrator) and is due soon with their second child. Annett is the wife of Michael (the maintenance administrator) and just had their 4th child (1st boy).  It was the first baby shower either of them had ever had.  At the end as they gave their thanks to everyone who came.  Of note, Tabea (deeply moved) told how they’d just moved just prior to the birth of their first child in Germany and had had very little if any help and support. 
                It was funny to watch the baby shower. It was hosted by an American (Alison, Dr. Will Caire’s wife) and a German (Demaris, Dr. Jen’s wife).   The majority of the crowd had never been to a baby shower before.  So when it came time to open presents, initially everyone came up all at once to give their gifts and Tabea and Annett opened them at the same time without showing them to everyone (there were about 30 guests total).  Alison tried to gently instruct them on “proper Baby Shower etiquette” J i.e. showing each gift as its open so everyone can enjoy it, and finally managed to somewhat succeed.
                Nearly everyone staying in the apartments at the hospital together made a Quite Book out of material, buttons, zippers, Velcro, etc for each baby.  Even one of the Peruvian tile layers who’s working on the school right now and the uncle of one of the volunteers at the Hospital who’s visiting for a couple weeks helped out.  When some of the ladies in charge of the school saw the books they asked us to make 3 more.  We all responded the same: no, thanks. :)  Each of us made one page, and each page is so intriquet and takes so long to make because of cutting out pieces and sewing, especially at the end of a long day of work, that though one page was fun to make, we were glad to be done :).

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