Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"Ari" is Quechau for "si" (yes)

My name is Quechuan and I didn't even know it.  I tell the hospital staff that my new name is "Sara" "Ari""Mana".  Sara means corn. Ari means yes.  And Mana means no.  I just started a Quechua class on Saturday mornings.  My goal is to be able to butcher their common greetings so that my patients better sense the love of our Lord :)
  Also a praise that I finally got my appointment for my application for Peruvian residency, March 26th.  Once I got to that appointment my application process has begun and in a matter of time I'll be a Peruvian resident (which means it only will cost me $5 to take a train to machu pichu instead of $200. ;)  Unfortunately or fortunately my Tourist visa runs out march 18th, so I have to leave the country and then come back in time for my appointment.  when I was having to decide where to go I was still pretty worn out from my trip to Machu Picchu and not excited about another tourist trip, especially not one alone.  So I sat at my computer and searched travelocity for flights to all the cities that people I like live in [:)] .  Houston won. It was the cheapest and shortest flight without any layovers.  So for anyone interested and in the area, I'll be in Houston from March 16th-19th (short but perfect :).  One good God has worked out of this hassle (other than the fact that I will get to see people I like) is that I'll be able to bring back some of the curriculum for the American kids since they were unable to ship it by mail (which means they'll get to have their curriculum when the start school next week instead of in a month when the next Americans come).
  The other big thing this week is the Diospi Suyana School inauguration on Friday.  Many of the people on the Diospi Suyana board in Germany are here for the inauguration.  There was a crate from Germany with a lot of supplies for the school that got held up in Peruvian customs last week, but thanks to God it made it a here the other day. :)

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  1. When I was in Peru, I did not leave the country when my visa expired, I just paid a dollar a day when I left, for the days I stayed over.
    A lot of the missionaries in Pacasmayo traveled to the border of Ecuador and then turned around and came back. But I am glad you were able to come back to the states and have a good time!