Sunday, August 17, 2014

A wirlwind month!!!

  It's been a whirlwind of a month.  Since I last wrote:
    -Melanie Brinkley visited for a week
   -We went on a 4 day camping/hiking trip (50km hike, 5000m altitude change) with a group of 8 (3 guys, 5 girls, 2 peruvians, 1 argentinina, 5 americans)
   -I started (and have continued) studying the bible with two of my friends (Dennis--a nonbeliever, and Rose Mery--a Catholic believer) who  work at the hospital on Sunday nights, plus now one of their cousins (a nonbeliever) is coming too.
   -!!!We started playing Ultimate Frisbee on Wednesday evenings!!! It started out with mostly foreigners, but this last week I was the only foreigner. The Peruvians have caught on and love it!!
   - I moved from staying temporarily in a guest room in a house in the village of Lukmos to moving in with Lisa (a dental technician---which means she makes dentures--from Germany) in an apartment flat in Curahasi.  It's been good. Now rather than either a 11 minute bike ride or a 45 minute walk, it takes me 3 minutes to walk to church.  That means more people are motivated to come over and visit because I live closer to everyone else.
  - I've transitioned over to attending the IEP (Evangelical church of peru) church in town , and become more active with it.  This last weekend we went out and did "door to door" evangelism.  We targeted the neigherhood I now live in, so it was really good because I got to know some of my new neighbors.  Its a lot different than door-to-door evangelism in the use, because they were all sitting outside either talking or chopping wood or washing clothes or cleaning the meat off the bones of a goat head or walking around or the downstairs of their house is a mini store.
   -We started the Women's bible study on Monday nights.  We're doing the Beth Moore study "Believing in God" (but we have it in spanish).  The first night we had an attendance of 12, including myself and Lisa (my new roommate, we where the only foreigners), several women from work, several women from church, one of our neighbors.  Ages were from 14 up until probably 50's.  Mary Luz (the 14 year old) also brought her 9 year old brother, Noe, alone (this often times is how parents make sure their teenage girls don't go running off with boys.
  -And yesterday I just gave the talk (with a lot of help from Luz, the Peruvian doctor who works at Diospi) on Sexuality and Holiness to a group of 300-400 youth (teen-early 20's, plus their parents and pastors)---the story is to follow.


  1. Oh my gosh, so happy that you set up an ultimate frisbee night!! :) Sounds like you've had a great month. Glad to hear from you and to know you're doing well.

  2. Looks like you're doing well! We miss you!