Friday, August 21, 2015


                School vacations here are the hardest.  A week ago we finished a three week period of school winter vacations.  Some schools had the first 1-2 weeks off and the other the last 2 weeks.  At that time it was only Will, Martina and I seeing general medicine and pediatrics.  And will went on vacation for a week because his kids were off.  During vacations people travel from all over the country to wait in line to be seen.  They don’t like traveling during the school year because they don’t want their kids to miss classes and they don’t want to leave their small kids home alone more than 2-3 days.  The week of vacations that only Martina and I were seeing family medicine patients I worked until after 7 pm every day and had three overnight calls.  Praise the Lord, this last week a pulmonologist (Dr. Malte) started working (and is staying for a year), and a FP from the states (Dr. Alex Bruner) arrived (for 3 weeks) to help out with the load.  Please pray for more doctors.

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