Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Made it to Lima!

Thanks for all your prayers! My international flight was delayed so I made it to Lima after 1a tues morning. Usually my Spanish is worse when I'm tired, but The Lord provided the words and the ability to understand. Due to a misunderstanding no taxi was waiting for me. Thankfully people love to be helpful when money is involved, so one of the taxi drivers called the guesthouse I was suppose to stay at, found out no taxi driver had been sent, and so drove me to the guest house.
  When I left Tulsa mon morning it was 5 degrees Fahrenheit. When I arrived in Lima in the middle of the night it was 70 degrees f there.
  I've only messed up once so far in immigrations because I didn't know how long to request to be in Peru on a tourist visa. Prayers that I don't mess up today and the mext couple of days while working on aon my resident visa.
  The good news about the Spanish at least in Lima is that it's much clearer than the Spanish they speak in Tulsa. Either that or the talk real slow and enunciate because I obviously am not from here (for one thing I'm head and shoulders taller than most of the local men and women).

  Thanks again for your prayers and financial gifts that will help me travel. The problem with traveling is they'll nickel and dime you to death to get anything done. 

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