Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Value of a Good Education

                Education is valued as much among our youth in the USA compared to many other countries of the world I’ve visited.  In countries like Peru where there is a stark difference between the three classes: the rich, the poor and the very poor, education is a way out.  It’s not uncommon in the government schools for teachers to not show up, not have plans, or to have frequent and lengthy breaks.
                To address this need in the Curahuasi area, Diospi has started a primary school (i.e. elementary school).  The missionary kids will attend, but so will the Peruvians kids.  It’ll be in Spanish.  All the professors are Peruvian, except for the English teacher.  To desire is to raise the standard of education of the Peruvians here.  The school is almost done being built. The Peruvian school year starts in March.  Already 200-300 students are enrolled.
                Several needs remain.  Number one, they’re not found an English teacher yet-----so if you’re interested let me know, otherwise please pray that they find one.
                Number two, it’s a private school.  Those who are able to pay will have to pay monthly school fees.  In order to allow the poor to attend as well Diospi is looking for ~70 people interested in sponsoring a child.  Sponsoring a child would entail donating $55 per month (which would mostly go towards the teachers’ salaries) and in return you would be assigned a picture and information about the child you’ve enabled to attend the private school. 
                Please be praying that God is glorified through this school, they will find teachers to fill the few positions that are still open, and that the construction process will be completed on time.


  1. Oh man, that's a temptation for me. When I was in Pacasmayo, working at the orphanage, they also have a school and church. I taught english at the school, all 3 times I was in Peru (6 months being the longest)! If only I could afford to be a missionary and I knew my husband could get a good paying job, I would jump all over that! I will be praying God brings the right person, as I know He will.
    Schools are crazy. I mean this one I was at was private school as well. The kids from the orphanage attended, as well as many of the more rich children in the city. Education is so very important. I pray God blesses that school and helds the leadership to make the best decisions for the children.

  2. What's the commitment they are looking for? Can I get more details on the job position, whether its something where you raise money or if you are paid partial, etc. When would the school be ready to open and all of those things? That way I could see if anyone I know is interested, besides myself..