Thursday, May 15, 2014

Luz and and Angel's Kiss

Luz has been one of the Lord’s sweetish blessings to me since I’ve been here in Peru.  For those of you who know Sylvia Park, her personality and spirit are similar to that of Sylvia.  Luz is general medicine doctor from Lima.  Their university/medical school in Peru is 5 years.  The final year is like our intern year of residency.  Afterwards they have to serve in a rural community for a year.  This is Luz’s rural year, and it’s nearly at an end (she finishes in the end of this month). Afterwards if she wants to specialize she can take an exam that is offered once a year in June. Whoever gets the highest score gets first dibs at choosing a speciality/residency spot.  To practice general medicine there is no residency program.  Family Practice doesn’t really exist here.  There is a specialty “family medicine” here, but the doctors are only trained in preventative medicine, not in ob/peds/ inpatient, etc.
   Luz has a super sweet spirit and she’s everyone’s friend.  She reminds me a Sylvia because she’s way more into fashion then I’ll probably ever be in a million years (I can’t even remember what I wore yesterday), and she takes pictures of food after it’s been made (just like Sylvia).  She loves to cook too.   Anytime she ever tries anything I always know she’ll be asking how to make it before the days over.  One time she had a patient’s family that was giving her a very hard time until she was in tears even though she’d given appropriate medical care.  Even a day or two later she was still really feeling down about the case, so Martina told me that I should do something fun with Luz over the weekend to cheer her up.  So I invited her over for pancakes (which she loves) and Frozen (which will make anyone laugh). I made one pancake in order to show her how and let Luz make the rest (and mine was the worse looking one of the bunch).  To Luz, of course the making of the pancakes was the best part of the night.
   You can be praying for Luz.  She’s a Christian, loves God and desperately wants to do His will; she’s just not sure what it is.  She’ll go home to Lima at the end of this month and has to decide what she “wants to do with her life.” Of course I’m encouraging her to come back and work at Diospi for at least another year or two while I’ll be here  J  I can’t imagine Diospi without her. L

This is a type of Hemangioma called an “Angel’s Kiss”.  You can tell why.  We see a lot of hemangiomas here.  Many much more disfiguring than this.  A hemangioma is an abnormal growth of blood vessels that people are born with.  Sometimes you can operate them, but they often times grow back.  Even in the USA there’s not very good treatment options for this.  This picture is a happy case.  Just a cute birth mark.  The sad cases are the 20 year guy who comes with one leg larger than the other and full of the abnormal blood vessels, who cried out of disappointment and hopelessness because we had been his last hope (unfortunately the Hospital has been marked as the Miracle Hospital.  So all too often people come looking for miracles.  Which is great when God answers our prayers, but kills me when God’s answer is “no” or “not now.”)  Please pray that God continues to work miracles here so that the people can see Him and yearn to know Him personally.

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