Tuesday, January 10, 2017

End of the School year fun and Christmas

Village kids playing on their "Toy"

End of the year trip to the local hotsprings
  David's fifth grade class was going to walk the 3-4 hours to the local natural hotsprings. But because the rain made the path dangerous, they went by vehicles instead and just walked down the last part (about 30-45 minutes). When some of his students complained even with this short walk, David thought "I can only imagine if they walked the whole 3-4 hours!"

The church moved and in its new location theres room upstairs for the Sunday School!

School examens finish two weeks before the school year is officially over. One of the German girls in his class, Hannah, suggested that they make cupcakes. David told her the problem is that theres no a oven in the school yet. Hannah replied: We can make them in your house of course.

Christmas Eve Service in the Hospital Chapel

Christmas fell on a Sunday this year, so we celebrated as a church family.  We rent an apartment on the third floor of a local families home. They live on the 2nd floor, and their party room is on the first floor.  Mario and Dominga are a Catholic family but are always so nice, and let us use the first floor (which has an enormous table). 

We started dividing in several groups to enact the various parts of the Christmas story.
Christmas lunch of turkey, mashed potatoes, apple sauce, and dinner rolls.

And we finished up playing Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride!

How many docs do you need to fix a dislocated elbow
Juan arrived at 5:30am after a car accident.  There were rocks in the road because of the rains.  The car struck them and smashed against a large truck.  Juan was the only one injured with a dislocated elbow.  The problema is that the men here work hard and are very muscular (his forearm was bigger tan my proximal arm).  I passed by Mark (the White guy in the back, a new American FP here) and asked him to help.  Susan, the German anesthesiologist, is the left of Mark.  Jonathan is the Peruvian XRay tech on my left.  The three of us pulled without luck.  I looked at Susan, asking for hlep.  Dont look at me, she said, I hate dislocations, too.  So we called Klaus (to my right).  With 2 pulling one direction and 2 pulling the other, and lots of medicine, the arm went back into place!

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