Monday, January 2, 2017

Update on my Peruvian Medical License and an Upcoming Adventure.

Peruvian Medical License.
  In July according to the new regulations at Diospi I submitted my application to one of the Medical schools in Lima from which Diospi accepts residents for month rotations.  In October they rejected my application because I'm a D.O. (doctor of Osteopathic medicine).  After "re-looking" at the application for a couple of weeks the finally rejected my application permenantly.  Because my application was no longer "in-process" I wasn't able to work in the hospital, so I helped out as much as I could in the Diospi school.
   I heard about another way to apply for revalidation of my USA medical license through the goverment educational department. After waiting for the other document that they wanted, in December I resubmitted my application through the SUNEDU.  Since again my application was "in-process", I was allowed to work again in the hospital.  They said in 30 business days they would say whether or not the revalidation of my Medical Licence will be in process. 
      Please be praying.  I should be hearing from them in January.
    Please be praying for our future as well.  David and I are planning on a month in the USA in 2018 for David's visa and so that he can learn English well.  We have been praying about where God is calling us in 2019. We feel called to an English speaking country (?in Africa?), so that David can really master English.  Through Samaritan's Purse we have planned a vision trip to Uganda and Zambia this month.  We leave January 11, 2017 and return Feb 3, 2017.  Please pray for our trip. That everything runs smooth enough and most importantly, that God makes it clear where He is calling us next.

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